~About The Department~

The Pomquet Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1969. The leadership our department has been fortunate to have since our inception has enabled us to grow and evolve into the current Pomquet Fire & Emergency Services.

To start the department running Bernie Benoit assumed the role of chief of the deparment.  After the fire deparment was up and running Joe Broussard was elected chief.  Chief Broussard remained as chief from 1970 to 1983 serving a full 13 years.  In 1984 Tom Melanson was elected chief and led the department for 7 years until Ronnie Doiron was elected in January 1992.  In September 1998 Chief Doiron stepped down and Pierre Venedam was elected by the membership. Chief Vanedam remains our current chief.

Over the years advances in safety apparatus and fire fighting equipment has quickly evolved.  Safety of our members continues to remain priority one while performing tasks in very hazardous environments.

Our first firefighting apparatus was a 1950's converted oil tanker.  With an ample amount of water and a limited pump it served very well to get our department up and running.  In 1975 a GMC tanker and a GMC 4X4 rescue truck was introduced into service.  With 900 gallons on the tanker along with 300 gallons on the rescue truck.  In 1982 a set of HK Porter air/hydraulic extrication rescue tools were purchased for motor vehicle accidents.  This was the departments first step into community support that did not necessarily require a fire call.   In 1999 we replaced the aging tanker with a new GMC cab over design.  2002 introduced a custom superior pumper, to replace our 1976 Ford pumper. In 2005 we replaced our utility van with a 2005 international mobile command-center/rescue. Finally our latest purchase is a 2009 international 4X4 heavy rescue unit.

As our vehicles have evolved and grown so have our halls and equipment.  As we were growing out of our first fire hall 1991 saw the grand opening of our current fire hall.  We also recognized the need to have another hall in our sister community of Heatherton.  In 1993 we opened this substation.  New turnout gear was purchased in 2001. 2003 saw the addition of Emergency Health Systems part time Ambulance base added to our substaion in Heatherton. In June of 2004 a granite monument and flag polls were erected at the driveway of the main firehall.  2005 saw the introduction of the first response defibulator thanks to the charitble donation from the Antigonish Kinsmen. 12 new ISI Viking 7 SCBA were put into service in 2008 and 2009 saw the implimentation of the departments first thermal imaging camera.